FORMER & RECENT generations and their ideas for a BETTER WORLD.

merci , esther! you are the best!


ARTproject – lotta continua * the battle goes on
support outstanding viennese ARTIST to realise her new conceptual ART project about

FORMER & RECENT generations and their ideas for a BETTER WORLD.

I am Alexandra Bolzer, visual artist from Vienna / Austria.

Since 2004 I have been working on different ARTprojects that were almost financed by myself.
TODAY, I would like to change that, because next year  (2015) I would like to work  more intensively on this speacial conceptual serie:
“lotta continua”  {the battle goes on}

The Concept:
This project is about former generations and their hopes about their future.
I got the idea 2008 while looking on photographs showing my daddies school mates in the year 1962. Unburdened schoolboys a view years before “1968” – the year of  big changes in society :

And I asked myself which ideas and dreams this generation  might have had, and how…

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