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crowdfunding :: bilingual bookproject:: “A small Story about Love”


Book project::

„Eine Kleine Geschichte über die Liebe“
“a small Story about Love”

A Small Story About Love“ will be a book for children aged 8+ and
the project is about financing the illustrations and a bilingual version in german and english.

Author: Peter Bosch
Artwork: Alexandra Bolzer
Typography: Nele Focke

Each year, there ist the „Festival oft the Donkey-Ear“ on the island of Le Sél: with grey , stubborn animals, prickly balloons, professors of emotion and lots and of books and tales. The book is about reading, donkeys, dog-ears, donkey-ears and of course very much about love. Sandro does not really like Sanja. She is much to clever and most of all, she is a girl. But the prickly balloon likes Sanja all the more. Unfortunately, he cannot talk and tell her…
This book combines three artistic fields:

1. The text (Peter Bosch) combines realistic with imaginative elements, everything is familiar and yet a bit different, out of place.
2. The illustrations (Alexandra Bolzer) evolve from the story, complement the story elaborately and take you by surprise with a diversity of different styles and materials.
3. The typography (Nele Focke) has its autonomous role, makes references to the illustrations and the text as well and so creates an additional visual and aesthetic layer.

Why should you support this project?
Everybody who can still remember how inspiring childrens’ books can be and how much pedagogical value good children’s literature has, should support this project.

What happens with the funds after successful financing?
We need the money in order to produce high quality illustrations and typography to appropriately interpret and complement the story, which is an enormous task ahead.
AND: if we do have enough money left we will translate the book from the german version in bilingual version (german / english) too
if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


You are able to support our project on two different platforms
  • on indiegogo we want to finance a bilingual ( german/ english) version
  • on startnext you can support the german version of the book
if you do have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


Publisher: Verlag Albatros, Vienna
ISBN 978-3-85219-054-9
144 pages , 24 x28cm, 4c colorprinted

Mrs Selma and donkey Bonnie

Mrs Selma and donkey Bonnie

bilderbuch illustration

Eine kleine Geschichte über die Liebe

illustration by alexandra bolzer

bilder buch illustration