New Accessoire Collection SONNTAG/ Sunday by fraubolzadesign

New Items finished:

The latest collection is called SONNTAG / Sunday, and it basis on a classic denim style, young, fresch and timeless.
You find Dog Sweater as well as hoods and wallets for sunglasses or eyeglasses. Everything is handmade and unique designed by frau bolza design

Available at our etsy shop

Hope , you enjoy !

65%Wool, 35%Alpaca

Collection SONNTAG/ Sunday

Accessoire Collection SONNTAG/ Sunday

ripped Hood SONNTAG

handknitted classik ripped Hood SONNTAG – onesize/ unisex

 Barett Cap SONNTAG

crocheted Barett Cap SONNTAG

Shade wallet SONNTAG

handknitted Shade wallet SONNTAG

Dog Sweater SONNTAG M-XL

frau bolza design_ ripped handknitted Dog Sweater SONNTAG M-XL

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