The frau bOLZa story

Welcome to frau bOLZa design!

We are proud to present you this new design label, which is dedicated to prevent you with high quality design and art products like 
fashion for dogs , pattern design, accessoires  and visual art.

My name is Alexandra Bolzer, I am visual artist and designer . As artist I work successfully for several years, but since 2011 I additionally work as pattern designer for a great agency in Vienna. There I learned again to use fabric and styles which inspired me for own projects.

Alexandra Bolzer aka frau bOLZa

First I was producing clothes for me, which was very wasteful and frustrating, so I started to make hats  for me, and for christmas presents to all my relatives . ( most of them were not really very happy about it ).
So last summer wie adopted a second dog called Sophi, and we needed additional clothes for her. As I was starting to crochet again, I try to make my first coat.. and after that, I saw, that it wont be that easy like I was thinking. I took this challenge and started to develop the first traditional wool coat.

I really liked that so much, that I thought the old coat from Fanny ( my first dog) is too ugly to go out with both girls .
So the story went on… several coats and sweaters later a new business was born.

woolen tweed Dog coat

Traditional wool dog coat Franz Josef

My philosophy is to combine traditional austrian crafts and materials with a well developed function and a new urban style for you and your four-legged friend. The products are carefully tested from Fanny and Sophi -my two american cocker girls.

The material I use are natural products, and I try to support austrian economy when its possible to do so. My designs are classic and fashionable, I am inspired by vintage styles even in my own pattern designs, which will be also used in my summer collections.

So hope you will  enjoy my collection, even there will be more soon!

Alexandra Bolzer aka frau bOLZa
owner, artist, designer and producer
contact: design(at)

Schlöglgasse 49 / Top 1+2
A- 1120 Vienna

woolen Dog Bandana with hood

Dog Bandana and Hood Samstag

woolen Dog Sweater with hat

Dog Ensemble “Jackie Kennedy”

cute dog hoodie Sissy

handknitted Alpaca Boucle Dog hoodie

crocheted hood samstag

Handmade unisex Designer Hood


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